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8 Ways PR Will Help You Grow Your Business

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8 Ways PR Will Help You Grow Your Business

Many businesses look for marketing more than PR, and that’s not a crime. But there are some entrepreneurs who have seen the potential and value that investing in PR has — changing perception and building brand love that can eventually be seen as an after effect for your business.

Here are eight ways how PR can help you and your business get more leads, followers, and the brand love everyone aims for.

PR draws the proper attention.

PR draws the proper attention

This has always been one of the leading reasons why PR is effective for any business. The huge difference between PR and advertising is that PR takes a lot more effort, and results are seen over time, while advertising lets you see results immediately.

But the good thing about PR is that it is earned. Publications accommodate stories of value, relevance, and resonance. It’s more hardworking, but the benefits you reap are amazing. More discerning people would choose to look at a short article about your business vs an advertisement alone, don’t you think?

PR helps generate leads.

PR helps generate leads

Contrary to what people think about PR, implementing effective PR campaigns can help build your brand’s visibility, credibility, and outcomes for your business by generating new leads for you.

When your business is covered and talked about in media outlets, your business becomes more visible to prospects. You eventually not only increase your brand’s talkability, but also convince people to consider your products or services.

PR attracts potential talents.

PR attracts potential talents

You heard that right. There are different facets and approaches to PR that cover both internal and external audiences. When you are able to position your company as a viable ‘great place’ to work, more and more people will be interested to join and take part in your business. In many cases, PR campaigns not only attract new clients, but also potential employees.

If you are able to effectively position your company as a thought leader in the industry, it will increase your profile among great and budding talents in the field. Strengthening brand reputation can help grow the business.

PR doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

PR doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

PR is a very cost-effective option for small, medium, and large enterprises and businesses. When a PR campaign is implemented, you work on building trust, credibility and brand love without having to shell out a huge amount.

It utilizes free media coverage to gain awareness and create a demand for your company’s product or services. PR focuses on gaining free editorial coverage instead of paying for advertisements. Maximize PR by engaging in various influencer marketing campaigns, thought leadership pieces, speaking engagements, collaboration with partners and stakeholders, aside from the usual press releases and media events.

PR helps SEO ranking.

PR helps SEO ranking

SEO has become increasingly important for many businesses today. The higher the ranking you have on search, the more visible your business is to potential customers. Implementing a great PR campaign can boost your online presence because media outlets feature you and your services that can eventually contribute to your business jumping to a high rank in the search results page.

Remember to always include call to action items and links to your website or pages so that media outlets have the opportunity to use them in their stories. Backlinking can definitely help in SEO rankings.

PR builds desire for your products or services.

PR builds desire for your products or services

Stories that are published in media outlets not only build awareness, but also create a certain desire within the targeted audience. You can play on the themes of a certain event, mentality, news, or even prestige to create that certain desire.

Utilize case studies and testimonials, highlight benefits, or solve a problem or concern, and your PR efforts won’t be put to waste.

PR moves people to action.

PR is somewhat an art of persuasion. Facts are used in stories and messages put out, but it also is a great way to get your prospects to take action. For example, using other content marketing efforts such as survey results, data, infographics, whitepaper or case studies can help beef up stories that then funnels to a lead-generation form.

You don’t necessarily drive conversation with PR, but when paired well with other marketing efforts, you can leverage on these efforts and increase results.

PR is always there.

Let that sink in. PR acts an evergreen piece of content or material. While advertisements end when your budget is exhausted, a news article or feature story published online stays for a very long time. Your presence is evergreen.

When a potential client, employee or customer searches for your company quickly, they will see feature articles that not only raises awareness but beefs up the credibility that your business is legitimate and not a scam.

boost sales indirectly

Most of the time, PR can help boost sales indirectly. The only time it won’t be able to help sales is if the product or service is not useful to the public.

Do you need help on effectively communicating your brand’s narrative through PR and social media marketing? Need help in branding your business? We’d love to talk to you. Send us a message at [email protected].

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