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10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Business Operations

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10 Creative Ways You Can Improve Your Business Operations

Feeling your business is being left behind? You may or may not be experiencing drastic problems at the moment, but it’s important to keep your business operations up-to-date. Why?

Everyone’s doing it. Not only to get rid of bottlenecks, but to holistically keep your business up and running. It’s crucial to take note: Your business operations are your backbone.

First things first, before we get everything on our top 10 creative ways for your business operations’ improvement, let’s break down your ultimate goal for this: efficiency.

Optimizing your practices with efficiency can cut your costs down and maximize your efforts on every aspect of your business, consistently delivering quality products or services to your market. Amounting to a win-win scenario for your business and your customers! I mean, who doesn’t want that?

1. Establish a healthy work culture with your team.

Working around online platforms to engage with your employees can be confusing at times and is a chore, especially if you can’t communicate with them properly. Encouraging collaboration with them is the best thing you can do to lift their engagement while managing them closely. How exactly can you pull this off?

Start with checking up on their workload – if it’s too much, lay it down a bit. You need to have healthy employees to keep your standard of quality and productivity in your business processes. And how about planning a Zoom game night occasionally? Or try to host office Shark Tank contests for fun? Happy employees are healthy ones.

2. Flourish team engagement through structuring key performance indicators.

This is one of your key determinants of your success in the future. Structuring KPIs for your team will not only be your leverage to consistently keep track of how the team is doing, but it will give them a clearer picture of their overall role in your business and how they contribute to the overall VMGs.

There are various visually engaging ways to present your KPIs to the team, helping them further grasp what you’re all trying to achieve. You can have your online slide presentation, live links, dashboards, or even a combination of both! Here are other ideas you can pick out!

3. Find ways to support your team.

Find ways to support your team

One way to keep things up and running is to know your team, its diverse culture, and how to work synchronously with them through personal level motivation. The little things matter. No employee wants a one-sided relationship with their company. Put in the groundwork to connect with your people and be immersed in what they’re doing.

Make it a point to check in on them and how their workload is because managing efficiency in the workplace accounts to this. Their workload is also a factor of their overall health and well-being, which can DIRECTLY affect how the team is coursing through their tasks – that can eventually end up to many backlogs in operations. Better to steer clear of that!

4. Integrate your team’s tech stacks.

Tech stacks are any software you use in completing a certain project or task. To make your teamwork synchronized, ESPECIALLY if you’re working remotely or online, your team needs to have specialized platforms in order to avoid confusion and your team’s data getting everywhere and disorganized.

You can literally do this one click away through Google Workspaces just fine. Imagine having real-time work collabs with your members. It’s like working together in an office, but virtually! Take this for example, Canva for graphic creation, Asana for project management, Later for social media scheduling, and Instagram for lead generation and brand visibility.

5. Consistently stabilize your profit margin through analyzing trends in the competition.

Consistently stabilize your profit margin through analyzing trends in the competition.

In a business, you have to have a healthy financial status. New emerging brands can make the market saturated and competition may not be looking too good for your business. Money is serious talk, that’s why we didn’t leave it out of our list. But how can you effectively do this? Create viable pricing strategies for your products or services – especially having a realistic and advantageous profit margin that can still make you stand out among competitors.

6. Invest in planning your team meeting that doesn’t suck.

Invest in planning your team meeting that doesn’t suck

Apart from your daily day-to-day operations, you get to have your weekly or monthly meetings up top. And to be frank, they can get boring and stale. That wouldn’t cut it for employees who value their time, especially activities off of work. It’s easy, cut to the chase.

Have a laid out agenda for the meeting, get your team’s insights and feedback on the topics you’ve run through, and be able to work your way in giving them assignments or tasks with their respective due dates. (You could even slide in mini icebreakers for the start of the meeting) Efficient and spot-on meetings are what keeps your team engaged.

7. Exponential growth through systematizing and automating your processes.

Exponential growth through systematizing and automating your processes.

Bring back the basics! Even if there are trending apps or software that other businesses are investing on, doesn’t meet it would be the right tool for you. Take a hunch at how much would be wasted if you did supposedly invest on these sparkly stuffs, you can spiral into nothingness and have no real progress at all. Even the tech stacks mentioned in item 3 may not even work for you and your team. We need to keep in mind that these technologies should make our work easier while meeting needs. Eliminate what’s not working and KEEP THINGS SIMPLE.

8. Navigate thoroughly your onboarding procedures.

Navigate thoroughly your onboarding procedures.

Your new employees aren’t only there to keep them financially secure, but they could also have the same level of determination you have in achieving the goals of your business, if you have effectively created an onboarding process for them.

So make it fun and wow them. This can really stimulate their senses to be comfortable working with you even on their first day! You can have speed networking games, have a scavenger hunt, or even create an onboarding graduation. Make activities that they could look forward to.

9. Call out your survival instincts to know when to outsource.

Call out your survival instincts to know when to outsource.

Pushing your team into functions that they are not capable of, can do more harm than good. If you know that you don’t have the right people, right set of skills, or right equipment to do specific tasks in your operations, better yet to outsource.

Let’s say you still want to cling on to your own team with what they lack, sooner or later you’re going to realize that they are not capable of gauging how successful their outputs are. This is especially crucial when you get to handle or change something big in your business like your branding, for example, you have to have experts to key in desired results that can drive your goals and needs.

10. Yearn for streamlining value through minimal and viable short-term projects.

Yearn for streamlining value through minimal and viable short-term projects

It’s no doubt that we’d all like to focus on our gold brick road to success but small day-to-day, weekly, or monthly improvements are the bandwagon toward this route. Gauging small projects and gigs for the business can shape your portfolio and bring more leads to your business, as well as keep your employees on their toes – one successful event to another. You can integrate to your meetings by talking about everyone’s small improvements or “wins”, and be able to recognize their performance in the past week.

Again, to keep your operations running, you have to have engaged people on your team.

How about backtracking what you’re currently doing in your business? Try playing with these tips and test it out. Want more? We’ve got you covered on our socials!

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