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Metikuloso Laundry


Metikuloso Laundry


Metikuloso Laundry needed a brand refresh – logo, look, and tonality. The Vineyard supported Metikuloso with logo creation, social media strategy and social cards development, as well as blog articles to help boost its website and brand awareness.

What we did:

  • Brand Architecture & Value Proposition
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Marketing (blogs)
  • Social Media Marketing


high standard laundry

High Standard Laundry

The quality of being outstanding or extremely good.



Showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.

Winning Mindset

Winning Mindset

People with winning mindset believe that they can achieve their dream life.

Color Palette

color palette 1
color palette 2
color palette 3
metikuloso laundry
metikuloso laundry2
metikuloso laundry3

Social Media

A high quality laundry services that needed social media strategy and social cards development.

SocialCard-01 1
Social Card-05 1
Social Card-10 1


With a clear positioning vision and brand strategy, Metikuloso was able to relaunch its brand as a distinct laundry company that is focused on the middle to high-end market. Its brand identity guided a refreshed cohesive palette and overall look of social cards to enhance its brand image.

The blogs jump started its content marketing efforts to add value on its website for its visitors and potential customers.