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Desired Future Brand

By Leonard Grape

I want you to pause for a minute. Think about the future. Imagine the kind of better-for-you F&B CPG brand that you want. Try to clearly picture it.

Be as vivid as possible. What do you see?

How does this vision of the future make you feel? What would this ideal brand mean for yourself? What impact can it have on your career, your family, your business, and your customers?

In psychology, there is a concept called prospection. This means that as humans, we have the ability to not only think about our own future but to access countless potential permutations of it.

It goes on to say that everything we do is driven by our prospects of the future. It is the power of being able to envision things that are yet to happen, to picture our desired outcome, turn it into goals, and make it so clear that it influences our present actions.

Our desire for a certain future gives us a path that we can fulfill. It brings energy to our day to day lives. It changes our perspective on how we need to do things, on how to handle obstacles, and how to manage risks.

The key idea from the concept of prospection is that we are pulled forward by the future that we desire.

Isn’t that an incredible fact? Isn’t it exciting to know that you can influence your future today?

This concept is very powerful. This can also be an extremely helpful tool to envision the kind of brand that you desire for your better-for-you F&B CPG.

I’m calling this the Desired Future Brand.


Having a Desired Future Brand starts with a simple but profound question – what kind of brand do you wish to have in three years’ time?

This question is intended to be answered without any barriers, only possibilities. Do not think about the obstacles first. Focus only on the kind of brand that will make you feel happy, proud, fulfilled, and successful.

Let’s fast forward into the future. If three years have already passed and you are looking back at the kind of brand that you have built and you are feeling very happy, what are the things that should have happened that make you feel happy with your progress?

I’m not sure what your answers would be, but I want you to write it down. Get a piece of paper or type it on your laptop or phone. Perhaps you envision a better-for-you F&B CPG brand that is leading in its category. Or is it about having a brand that is expanding at a global scale? What about a brand that people have learned to love and has built a tribe behind it? Or is it a brand that has served a deeper purpose in the world?

By developing and being clear about your Desired Future Brand, you are constructing a gravitational space that can lead you closer and closer to your goals. With the concept of prospection, it will be a compelling force that almost makes you see and feel the reality of what you wish to achieve.


There are three questions that can further bring you clarity and refinement of your own Desired Future Brand. If the exercise of asking what kind of brand do you wish to have in three years’ time is challenging, then these follow through questions should help.

What's stopping you?

Self-limiting beliefs are deadly forces. It can rob you of your true potential. What I want you to do in asking this question is to face the things that may be stopping you. Then assess. Why is it a hurdle? Can it be overcome? Is it really a limitation or are you just giving it power to be so?

Now flip things up. What if you remove all the obstacles in your mind? What if you can strip its power by focusing on the positive possibilities? What if you can defeat these hurdles?

You owe it to your dreams and your business to build the kind of future that you are picturing for yourself. You shouldn’t let anything stop you, not even your own idea of your limitations, whether real or perceived.

What's causing your fear?

Fear is another dream killer. It is natural to feel afraid, but it is upon you whether to allow it to take over or not.

List down the top things that are causing your fear. Probe each of it. I would bet that at least one or two are caused by the sense of unfamiliarity and uncertainties. So, go on further and ask - what’s really the worst thing that can happen if any of these fears come true? Which one is scarier – the weight of the possible failure or the burden of not knowing what could have been?

I will tell you that there will always be the need to take risks and to explore new ways of doing things to get to where you want to be. And usually, growth happens outside of our comfort zones.

As Peter Drucker would say, all profits are derived from risks.

What's the reward?

This last one should be the clincher. What is that treasure box on top of the mountain? What is the reward awaiting you from your journey of building your Desired Future Brand?

What are the potential gains that can be enjoyed out of the pain of going beyond your threshold? What is at stake if you don’t even try?

It’s easy to recognize the pain of loss but it could be as powerful if you focus on what you can gain. In this case, the potential prize is building a brand that can set your business up for long-term success where your better-for-you F&B CPG is clamored for by your customers.


In the current landscape of the better-for-you F&B CPG industry, there are so many exciting possibilities for brands to reinvent themselves and be more risk-takers, more different, more compelling, and more relevant.

I hope that you don’t limit yourself with just the things that you are used to. Revisit your customers and think about the things that they really value beyond just eating and drinking healthy. Observe your competitors and find a gap that you can fill and dominate so you can stand out more. Be focused on building a brand that can sustain longevity, the kind that people don’t just like, but love.

Your product can be the next big thing. It can be the one that will push better-for-you F&B CPG brands to become preferred by people, and not just the alternative.

Let the future be a force of gravity. Create your vision, take steps towards it.

Leverage the power of prospection. You can build your Desired Future Brand now.

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