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How Can PR Help Your Business? Read on to Learn How!

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How Can PR Help Your Business? Read on to Learn How!

Think you know everything about PR already? Guess again.

More than often, PR gets misconceptualized even with straightforward definitions and professional job title descriptions. Some think of it as the same with marketing, some would wrongly put a common notion to PR as corporate journalism, and some would even relate it to advertising or just merely media relations. Sounds familiar?

People get so confused with PR because literally it can do anything – from helping out in branding for clients, even to juggling around social media content and newsletters. Another challenge that businesses face is how to stand out in a saturated competition online where their public image can get far back from the limelight. These very reasons push businesses to level up their public relations (PR) to their target audiences to break barriers and develop their online presence and public image.

How do we define PR in 2021?

By now, you get a gist of what PR can do for a brand, but to contextualize further, here’s an overview of what public relations entails.  The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) in 2012 accepted and agreed on a definition that would really fit the term.

“Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Pretty seems straightforward right off the bat, however, PR has changed over the years while taking into consideration how everything has gone digital which means that “traditional” media is starting to lag behind. Businesses have also caught up with the trend and are formulating their own growth to max out their resources online. Today, the power of influencer marketing has revolutionized PR values and is widely used, even for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Modern PR has reshaped the industry. Think about a world where vloggers and social media personalities can lead the public image of brands; where videos and online content are your brand’s frontrunners; and where PR aims to build trust, awareness, and online footprints.

Why is it important to build credibility and trust for the company?

In order for your audience to accept any message you’re trying to convey for your business, you need to gain their trust first. Customers have become very wary of trusting businesses in the digital world because they’re trying to discern if brands are truthful and transparent with them. 

Say, if you were to come across an advertisement of a product but there’s no really clear details about it or its benefits, not many people talking about it – would you even consider to know more? You’d undoubtedly jump onto the next product. Yeah, we thought so, too.

Most customers behave the same way. And in this understanding of customer behavior, we can get the idea what customers consider crucial and important when picking a product or service online. As a business and entrepreneurs, do we want to have that risk of losing prospective customers and a loss of market share? Didn’t think so, either. We called that one from the get-go.

If you want to keep your clients, you need to build your credentials, especially online. Even in the pre-purchase phase, you can attract your target market and potential investors of your business. Building credibility and trust is what makes deals, and is what influences one to become a thought leader in the competition. In a nutshell, credibility = profitability. 

This can imply that before any prospective client interacts with you and before even considering your brand or services, they would need to see that you are credible in what you and your business do. There is a common saying, “To see is to believe”. Almost anything can be automated, but creating a personalized conversation with clients will help them determine that your business still has a “human touch,” so to speak. It’s all about creating and giving value to your audience and your market — and this is where the role of PR comes in.

Benefits of PR to any business

Still having setbacks on PR? Let’s cut down to four thought bubbles on what results can be driven through public relations.

  1. Public reputation
  2. Profitability and ROI
  3. Positive and customer-resonant promotional efforts
  4. Positioning and relationships

How can businesses maximize modern PR?

PR is an effective tool  for businesses  to build credibility and trust among their customers. So how can PR be integrated into business operations and how can it improve the overall public image of the brand?

To give us a clearer picture, PR can include the use of Key Opinion Leadership (KOL) to drive sales and to build online engagement. Businesses can partner with local “influencers” to try their products and give online reviews. The power of the so-called social media personalities has a wide scope of audience that can deliver a brand’s image through the top social media platforms other than Facebook, such as on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. 

The type of content you put out there as a business will define you and how you value your clients. Find out what your audience is most commonly engaging with, what type of content are they interested in, and leverage your work from there. But be sure to diversify the kind of formats you will be using. You don’t want your market to get bored and for them to anticipate what you’re going for next. You’d want something that they could look forward to and keep them on their toes. And we cannot exaggerate more on how videos are doing significantly better than posts with merely text on them. If you haven’t established a strong brand just yet, keep it light and engaging, you need all the help you can get from organically making content that is worth every while of your customer’s time. Hashtag HUMANIZE.

Modern PR also tries to focus on your business’ niche. An old principle in business is that YOU CANNOT HAVE EVERYONE AS YOUR TARGET MARKET. Same thing goes with PR and targeting who your audience is. Think of what your niche can resonate well with and this can elevate their experiences with your brand. This can gradually drive more loyal customers and they can act as advocates of your brand – which is a plus in taking advantage of word of mouth tactics. Guess what, this means lesser costs. Seeing a pattern here?

Imagine being able to have that much of a reach of an audience with just one upload a day, and for it to reach a couple thousand or millions of views? Of course, heightened reach turns to heightened awareness, then can eventually become leads.

Handful as modern PR may seem to be, you should still consider the business’ goals, priorities, and setbacks when dealing with these cool ideas we’ve discussed. Can it fit with your business’ branding? Will this yield better results for the business’ leads and sales? Will this make sense to its audience? Reimagining your PR approach is a risk, but are you willing to take that risk? With the power of social media and its prevalence in the norm, nothing’s impossible. You heard it from here.

Think you’re all set to redefining your business with PR?  Give us a quick message on our website or our social media platforms to help you out to tailor your PR needs to your business.

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