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Grow your Brand by Being a PR Person

by: Leonard Grape
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Grow your Brand by Being a PR Person

Learning how to be a PR person is not an easy feat for any entrepreneur, but it’s a good first step to building long-lasting relationships with key stakeholders, be it from the media, partners, and even the community. Here, we share a few tips on what it takes to be a PR person (even when you aren’t in general) for the benefit of your brand and business.

Be patient. They say patience is a virtue, and you need that for PR. Whether it’s about waiting for coverage or pickups of a story or hearing back from journalists on a pitch made. You have to have that patience to wait because these are unpaid efforts that you cannot demand output right there and there.

Grace under pressure. No matter how difficult it is to deal with a partner, another business or the media, you always have to have grace under pressure. Know when to turn on your adrenaline and when to turn it off. Your face will show it all, so practice keeping a neutral facial expression despite difficult times.

Be confident. Have the nerve to call a reporter, speak in front of a crowd, or even to disclose bad news. Good PR people have the confidence to do all that. You may not like it, but you, more often than not, need to do it under varying circumstances.

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Know how to communicate. The ability to communicate to people of all walks of life is a gift. It’s not a one format for all type of thing. In doing PR, you will need to learn how to deal with executives, partners, media, and even common folks. It doesn’t take a genius to do this, but being empathic will help you a lot and take you places.

Be ethical. PR can get dirty. There are some people who’d pay media under the table to get published, and you DON’T WANT to be like that. You have to draw the line between what is ethical and not. Don’t lie because people are more discerning right now and will know when you’re devious and don’t mean well.

Practice writing. It all boils down to the basics – writing a decent letter, crafting a memo, and most importantly, knowing what a good press release is made of. Remember that simple subject-verb agreement, simplicity, and being direct to the point are what journalists are looking for right now. Enough with the fluff, get down to the details.

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Learn to multitask. Yes, you read that right. Being a PR person knows how to juggle a lot from pitching out to media, presenting to a client, handling a crisis, and helping your team formulate good strategies. A well-rounded PR person can handle a lot of hats.

It takes practice and investment to become a good PR person, but these tips will hopefully help you be a better entrepreneur that can positively affect your brand. You will always need the support of the community, and building relationships is key to ensure the success of your team and business.

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