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8 Ways TikTok is Booming for Business

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8 Ways TikTok is Booming for Business

by: Mart Darius Fabro

Are you familiar with maximizing TikTok for your business? To some, it may appear to be nothing more than a platform for Gen Z’s to post dance and lip-syncing videos, but if we truly understand it, it is much more than that.

So, to clear the air and help you answer your questions, here are the eight ways TikTok is booming for businesses.


Exposure is essential for businesses to increase their visibility in the market. But most social media platforms are not giving enough exposure if you don’t amplify it by spending money. However, TikTok offers an incredible opportunity for businesses to have a spotlight in the app. Since it’s more concerned with gaining new users than aggressively monetizing the platform, your business can have access to a decent amount of audience without paying any cost. And who wouldn’t want to take advantage of free exposure? That’s why numerous businesses have entered the TikTok scene, and you might also want to consider it.


TikTok is a platform where you can showcase the genuine side of your business without being too formal or strict. The goal here is to become more relatable. You can use a more personal tone or a behind-the-scenes approach to help your company evoke an emotional response from your target audience. Keep in mind that businesses that humanize their brand are more likely to attract new customers. So, don’t ever be ashamed to express the human side of your company.


TikTok takes a different approach in using hashtags by incorporating them into challenges. It is one way for businesses to have a fun advertising campaign. However, if you are hesitant to create your hashtag challenge, you can participate in one. TikTok makes it relatively simple to determine which hashtags are trending. Yet be cautious; jumping in it may appear to be a good idea, but if the hashtag is entirely unrelated to the content in your video, it could have an undesirable result. So, always look for relatable hashtags to help users discover your business and inform the TikTok algorithm about what you’re all about!


TikTok allows brands to easily collaborate with relevant creators in the same niche as themselves. You can duet and stitch their contents or let them know that you are interested in collaborating. Its benefits are enormous. Besides getting more engagement to your content, you may also get new followers and eventually be your client.


The advertisement will begin playing as soon as the targeted TikTok user opens the app. Brand takeovers appear as still images, gifs, or videos on the FYP. It also includes a clickable link, and if the user clicks on the ad, the app will direct them to the brand’s website. However, because only one brand can appear per day for each audience type, this ad is exclusive. It means many eyes to your content with a bit of competition.


TikTok has confirmed that follower counts do not directly influence what content will be on the “For You Page.” Since it has a great algorithm, your content has a better chance 

of going viral, and it makes way to reach a vast audience that will drive sales. But how? Here’s the answer, the best way to get views is to be on the FYP; the more you create content, the more likely you will appear on it. However, it’s difficult to predict which content will go viral, so consistency is the best investment you can give on this platform.

And here’s a secret, you should never delete a post just as it didn’t get much attention because it might go viral later on when you least expect it. Even if your video is a month old, TikTok’s algorithm will push it to FYP, so it’s worth the wait.


People nowadays do not like being bothered by advertisements, so most of them use ad-blockers or subscribe to a premium account to avoid them. As a wise marketer, you should seek out less forceful methods to quickly capture the attention of your target audience through engaging content. You will win once you have mastered the technique of incorporating your brand into well-structured stories.


According to Techwire Asia, TikTok only took four years to have a vast user base size, and it beats Facebook and Instagram for about 50% in terms of growth. Until now, it continuously surges in popularity of all ages. Since it is now beginning to attract a broader user base, businesses consider it an excellent channel for their brand. 

TikTok is growing daily, and it’s getting difficult for businesses to resist its popularity and influence. So, if you are considering TikTok as a way to market your business? You can get a free consultation with us to learn how to shine on this platform and show off your business’s fun-loving side.

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