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7 Rules to Remember to Build Effective Communication Efforts 

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7 Rules to Remember to Build Effective Communication Efforts 

by: Juana Gandia

Have you ever had that moment when you are talking and nobody seems to be listening? Or that moment when someone is talking and you just don’t feel like listening? There are instances when we often forget that communication is vital in our lives and that we should take effort in building it.  

Communication plays a huge role in our lives most especially in business. It serves as a foundation for understanding and building relationships between you, your clients and even the people you work with. With it, you’ll be able to share ideas, thoughts and stories, and at the same time listen to your client’s ideas, thoughts and stories, too.   

Communicating with people is simple and easy. However, when the word “effective” comes into the picture, that is when it gets complicated. Building effective communication requires skills that both parties should have in order to form a deeper connection and understanding. It is something that you as a message sender should know and be aware of. In this blog, I will share with you seven rules you should remember to build effective communication efforts.  

1. Know your audience.

In order for you to communicate effectively, you must first know who will be your receiver, or your audience. It is important to understand your audience’s perspectives, culture, language, age etc. because it will allow you to tailor the message you need to convey based on that information. Miscommunication often starts with people and how they perceive the message you send them. Not knowing who your demographics are can create miscommunication and oftentimes, they will not get what your material is really trying to say. 

One tip is to put your shoes onto your audience’s. In order to gain understanding about them, you must think like them. By means of this, you would be able to see more of how you can better craft your marketing message that will be fit for your target audience.  


2. Be an active listener.

It is already common knowledge that when someone is talking, one must listen. But listening must not stop after hearing the words said by the other party. To build a more effective communication, you as a listener, must also understand what you have listened to. 

Clients may demand something that is more personalized based on their liking and will share his/her own thoughts about your output. You may show enthusiasm or eagerness to learn by means of asking questions and engaging in discussions or even in simple conversations. This can help in building healthy relationships between you and your customers. 

3. Try to send a clear message.

Effective communication should be simple and straightforward most especially in a business. No one wants to decode meanings and clues just to get the information they want from your social media postings.  

Make sure to convey what you want to say in a manner that your target audience will easily understand. It would be better if you can say something directly and without complexity. Stop beating around the bush and get directly to the point to avoid misinterpretation.  

If you present information on your social media, it is better to be precise to avoid sending vague signals to your customers. 

4. Own your mistake.

In building effective communication, you must note that you sometimes say things that others would disagree with. You have to be aware that you are not always right and can commit mistakes.  

Be receptive to what others would say and avoid getting mad when you are being corrected. You are in a business and what your customers say matters. This is not only applicable to customers but also to the staff you work with.  

You have to admit your mistakes and be responsible enough to correct them. Going in circles and trying to prove that you are right despite how people say you are wrong, can sometimes be the cause of misunderstanding and miscommunications. 

5. Manage your own emotions.

Our emotions play a big part in how we communicate because it sometimes dominates our way of thinking. When we are high on emotions, we tend to utter words we don’t really mean and regret it after we calmed down. This is a scenario that happens most of the time on accounts and  pages on social media when someone fails to handle their emotions.  

It is completely alright to acknowledge how you feel but make sure to keep everything first to yourself, think about it and finally, convey the message you want to say after calming down. 

Also, there are moments where we converse with people and do social media postings that require objectivity. When this happens, your personal perspective and emotions shouldn’t get in the way to avoid sending information that is biased .You must know how to control your emotions and be professional most especially in a work setting

6. Mind your digital body language.

Just like how people can communicate non-verbally in person, a brand can also have a non-verbal communication in its social media accounts. Based on Social Media Today, your digital body language is how you and your brand speaks, engages, communicates, shares information, tweets, posts to Facebook, and much more. This includes how you reply to those who engage with you, the hashtags you use, the brands you engage with, how you handle negative feedback etc. 1 

Having a positive digital body language across your social media accounts help you in inspiring and building a deeper connection with your customers. Make sure to always live by your business ethics and vision and to always reflect it in your postings.

7. Engage the audience in discussion.

Communication is not one-way and you have to make sure that you are open to discussions, reactions, opinions and suggestions from your audience. It should be a dialogue and not a monologue. Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism because it is the end goal of communicating and will also help in the betterment of your business. Make your audience feel that what they want to say matters and will be entertained to make the discussion more fruitful and effective.  

How you communicate with others shows so much about you. It shows how willing you are to understand different people and listen to their stories, and share yours, too. Effective communication efforts are not something that can be earned overnight. It is a skill that you have to enhance over time.  

Still unsure on how to build effective communication efforts to your customers? We can help you! Just send us a message and let’s start talking.  

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