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5 Ways to Sell Your Service (Even if you are not a PR Guru!)

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5 Ways to Sell Your Service (Even if you are not a PR Guru!)
by: Khryss Jurani

Do you own a business? What services do you offer to your audience? How can you sell these services?

In the industry of business, selling your services is way different than selling products. A product is a physical, tangible object in which you can easily show clients how it is used, how it can benefit their daily lives, and how it can just be easily displayed in-store. But with services, it needs to acquire intangible skills, expertise, and time to prove your value as a business. 

Quite hard, right? Especially if you are neither a sales expert nor a P.R. Guru. But good news! We have some tips to offer you that can help you better and more effectively sell your services to your audience. 

Selling your Service is Like Selling Yourself as a Brand. 

First of all, you cannot sell a service that you don’t personally know. Think of it like selling yourself as the brand – if you don’t know how to sell yourself, then you won’t most likely be able to sell your services easily.  

You must be knowledgeable on what you are offering. From how you made it up, your motivation in starting the business, what your first move was; what your offerings are and its detailed descriptions;even down to your rates, etc.  

You must answer all the possible questions your potential clients might ask without any doubt and hesitation. You are selling services, it can’t be seen nor touched; you need to discover alternate ways to lead your prospects to see the worth of what you are offering; you must prove to them that your worth their time and money. 

You own your business — you should know everything despite not reading your business plan. And oftentimes, it also boils down to selling yourself as the face of the brand, leveraging on your reputation and credibility within that specific industry.  

Know your Prospects. 

Who are you trying to sell your service to? Are they mainly men or women? What is their age range? Are they married or single? Where do they live? 

If you have a clear picture or the persona of your prospective clients, you can easily direct your strategies on how to get closer to them to sell what you are offering. The information about your prospects allows you to adjust your marketing endeavors towards that specific demographics, and save a lot of money and effort since it lets you focus on interested clients. 

Adjust all your marketing strategies to the likings of your prospects; You need to get their attention;  you need to be the one they want. 

Take Advantage of the Internet Community. 

A lot of businesses have already considered shifting their marketing efforts to digital.

Why? Because in this generation, no matter what age you are, almost all people use their computers or mobile phones most of their day. That is why taking advantage of the internet community might be a big help in selling your service.

Think big – is your market on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or even Youtube? You’ll just have to think of an inviting way, really good content, the best publication materials to effectively market your services. 

Any small effort that you can make in the internet community can impact  your business and eventually help you succeed. 

Channel your Inner Fashionista. 

Of course, the people who will want to render your service will go to your business location or will want to meet you personally or virtually. That is why you need to make an impact! Remember that first impressions last (most of the time!). 

Dress to impress! And this doesn’t mean just for you, it also includes your employees. A lot of studies have concluded that the clothes you wear affect a person’s mental and physical performance. 

If you dress well, it will not only boost your self-confidence but also impress, and attract other people. The way you look and carry yourself creates an impact on the individual who you will work alongside. Professional appearances have a fundamental role in gaining people’s respect and if you get their respect, then they will surely be your customer.

People today do not choose a brand just because of the services they offer, they look at the people behind the company as well, so you need to make sure that you’re projecting the image that you want for your company. 

Chika Minute is the Key. 

If you want to sell your service, you should always be the one who will initiate conversation, you need to make the first move! In with the extrovert, out with the introvert!

Always remember, every person has his or her own mood; some may look happy, some may look sad, some may look irritated, and it’s your job to adjust to the situation.

If the person you are talking to is a happy person, then be happier! Talk to them as jolly as possible; give back the smile they give you. If the person looks sad, make them happy but don’t neglect their feelings; be as sensitive as possible; you don’t know what that certain person has gone through. If they look irritated, satisfy them with what you are offering. Learn how to feel, learn how to empathize. Be their joy! Making people happy might seem easier, but it needs a lot of effort for it to be true. 

Take note: Talk, but not too much; some people don’t want words; they prefer actions.

Above are just a few things to consider in selling your service effectively and efficiently.  Hope this helps!

Need more tips? Get in touch with us, The Vineyard Brand Consultancy, we’re here to help you grow your business! 

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