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5 Branding Tools for Establishing Your Brand

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5 Branding Tools for Establishing Your Brand
by Mart Darius Fabro

The end outcome of all of the brand’s efforts, as reflected in the thoughts and hearts of the customers, is what truly defines your brand. 

However, to attain your desired result, you must have control over the inputs used in your brand development as well as the emotions that you want your customers to achieve and experience. 

But how can you establish your brand in the mind of your audience? This article will include all of the answers as well as a breakdown of five brand-building tools that you can utilize to establish your brand if you are keen to do so.  

So, keep reading to find out more! 

Tool #1: Audio Branding

We’ve all heard and recognized a specific voice from a commercial associated with a particular brand and the most famous ‘ta-dum’ when we started our favorite Netflix series. All these are examples of what audio branding is.  

Consumers are bombarded by images so much that the visual messages we scroll through will barely register with our minds. It takes something else to cut through this noise – and this is where the audio comes in.  

The use of sound to identify, reinforce, and strengthen a company’s identity is known as audio branding. When you see the 20th-century Fox logo, the sound will play in your head. Because it is ingrained in your mind, and a brand has a certain sound associated with it. 

So, you need to choose words, phrases, and a distinct tone that match your brand. But keep in mind that you need to understand that if you give any particular sound to your brand, it will be associated with it for the long term. 

So, if it is a bad sound, it stays there forever.

Tool # 2: Visual Branding

One of the most straightforward strategies to establish your brand is through visual representation.  

Create your logos, posters, brochures, and other visual-textual information that is easy to read, visually simple, and easily identifiable, which will stand out from your competitors. 

Remember that it is the first thing the client notices, and “the first impression is the last impression,” as the saying goes. 

So, it is critical to make an excellent first impression! 

Tool # 3: Video Branding

There is no limit to video branding because it accommodates audio and visual content, allowing for more excellent reception in your customers’ minds. It taps on two of the human senses and increases the chances of brand recognition. The most common example is television commercials, web adverts, or ads that appear while you are watching a YouTube video. 

The most appealing part of video branding is its ability to advertise what the business desires directly to people. Also, you have complete control of the length, content, and everything else based on the message to be expressed. 

Tool # 4: Brand Activation 

Brand activation is a wonderful way to present your brand and build emotional relationships with potential customers.  

For example, if you’re a fan of the Netflix series Bridgerton, you know that they released a new season a few months ago. Netflix will be providing Filipino viewers the opportunity to visit Villa Bridgerton for free in Quezon City. 

In this way, it allows the brand, which in this case is a Netflix Series, to communicate with its target audience and promote the series. 

Tool #5: Highlight Your Leader 

Another tool is to showcase your leaders, such as Apple’s Steve Jobs or Microsoft’s Bill Gates. All charismatic divisive leaders charm some and repel others. This leader promotes their brand values through both stories and beliefs.  

In many businesses, showcasing the leader, even if they are no longer a part of the company, can help develop your brand, especially if it is related to the origin or creation of your company. 

You can discuss why the founder founded the company, what they were attempting to alter, and what motivated them to take that step. 

And the leader does not have to be a real person. It might be based on imaginary characters or a brand image, just like famous mascots such as Jollibee, McDonald’s, Mickey Mouse, or M&M, those eccentric candies that capture the public’s attention. 

That’s it! The five tools you can use to establish your company’s brand in the minds of your target audience. 

So, if you want to establish or alter your target audience’s perception of your brand, please contact us by email or through our social media platforms so that we can assist you! 

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