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10 Things You Need to Know to Maximize Instagram

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10 Things You Need to Know to Maximize Instagram

Instagram allows you to edit and upload photos and videos through mobile applications. And let’s face it, many businesses and consumers are on the platform, creating and viewing content 24/7.

Despite it not being a new platform, there are still a lot of things you should know that could make you Insta-Famous!

Here are 10 things you need to know to maximize Instagram. It’s never too late to get up to speed!

1. Instagram Doesn’t Actually Show Your Post to All of Your Followers.

Only a percentage of your followers will see your posts. That is why it is better to boost your engagement by messaging your new followers and acknowledging them. By communicating with people that have followed you, you’re showing Instagram that you seek to have a solid relationship with your followers, which can then result in them having a higher interest in seeing your content in their feed.

Therefore, you’re likewise strengthening a special interaction with your followers, which will normally arouse their interest to check out any new content you post.

2. Hashtags are Still One of the Most Important Aspects of Getting Found on Instagram Organically


It’s 2021 and seeing a lot of hashtags in posts may feel cringy and irritating, but surprisingly, it is still as effective as ever! But, there is a misconception that needs to be fixed.

People have thought that utilizing those hugely well known hashtags will assist them in becoming very popular in an instant. Yet it is actually the other way around. At the point when you utilize those mega-hashtags like #love, #Instagram, #Share, #Follow, you’re making it a lot harder for users to track down your contents, most especially your account since numerous accounts or people are already utilizing those hashtags; a similar second you are.

You can choose to mix the widely popular hashtags with your niche hashtags to help your post become visible to consumers. Take note of that before making use of hashtags again on your posts!

3. Being active goes further than posting every single day


Instead of posting regularly without substance or exerting much effort, replying to the comments of your followers and other people in a meaningful and thoughtful way will be a better substitute.

Also, commenting on other posts can also be utilized since it increases engagement once you become a part of a discussion. Finding people that are more likely to have the same interests as you can be interested in your content as well, and might even follow you.

4. Adding locations to Instagram posts can increase engagement.


Putting your location on your posts is as powerful as hashtags. Adding a location makes it more effortless for you to reach out to potential users, just as for them to track you down.

Posts that take advantage of Instagram Locations tagging option result in 79% higher engagement than posts without a tagged location. Take note that there are a lot of people who are using Instagram, and there are numerous people running through Instagram location-tagged posts and looking for content to like and seek to follow.

5. Switching to a Business Account is the Best Thing to Do.

An Instagram business profile gives you access to more Instagram features and is surprisingly simple for anybody to change their own profile over to an Instagram business profile, even if you are not a business.

Instagram’s made the proceeding much simpler by permitting you to schedule posts which can then automatically be published to the platform on the said schedule. You will not be notified. Instagram will do the postings for you. Sounds great right?

Wait! There’s more. Instagram’s business profiles also provide you a way into Instagram’s own analytics tools, which gives you point-by-point data regarding who your followers are and the point at which they’re generally active. Makes it easier for you to create reliable content and know when is the right time to post it.

6. Post Good Quality Photos.

Instagram is popular because of people, or accounts, posting images and other publication materials aesthetically. That is why to have more followers and engagement, you have to invest in making your Instagram feed as aesthetic as possible and with a good quality of photo. #FeedGoals

7. Being Active 15 Minutes Before and After your Post will put you on the Top of Followers’ Feeds.

Before posting your content, try to be active on the platform as much as possible. Engage with your followers, like their posts and comments to your postings, reply to their comments. Just interact with them and you will be surprised. But Oops, you should not stop interacting when you have already posted your content; continue interacting after you post to increase the power of your engagement, which will place you at the top of their feeds. Sounds impossible, but actually true!

8. Hiding hashtags or Locations Behind your Stories Helps People Find You.

First question is, how to hide hashtags or locations in your stories? Well it’s simple. Type in your hashtags or input your location, make them as small as possible, and cover them with GIFs, stickers or photos. It’s perfectly hidden!

So how will people see your stories if the hashtags’ hidden? Well, when people search for a specific hashtag, there is an available story-section, meaning your story is visible to everyone who watches or visits that section. Just a reminder, make your account visible by making it public.

9. Single Posts Performs Better with Hashtags than Carousels do.

Carousel posts are posts that have two to ten photos in it. It sounds like it’s practical since it can maximize one post and would not make feeds look flooded, but it actually has less engagement, especially when using hashtags. According to a lot of Instagram users, using hashtags on carousel postings has less to none engagement than with those single postings. Shocking!

10. Videos have a Much Greater Engagement and Perform Much Better than Photos Most of the Time.


There are no guarantees that every video posted on Instagram will create engagement at a large number, but it is an important course of action to create higher engagement on the platform.

On an average, video performs better than images or carousel posts. There is no harm in giving it a shot; exert some time, money, and effort in making excellent videos for Instagram, whether for stories, postings, or video advertisement. Just try, you don’t know where this opportunity will take you.

It is never too late to try these features, hacks, or secrets of Instagram. Go ahead and try, especially if you are a business owner. These should be a great help to increase your engagement and be a popular account or business on Instagram.

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