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Leonard Grape, CEO of The Vineyard, started the Brand Start Goes Healthy podcast with the goal of helping you in your entrepreneurial journey by providing you with a platform where you can learn from his conversations with other founders of better-for-you food and beverage CPG products.
Success Comes from
Understanding the Better-For-You
Food & Beverage
CPG Industry
Stories and Insights from Founders of Better-for-You Food and Beverage CPG Companies

Use Branding as
Growth Strategy and
Tips on Raising Money

This episode underscores the importance of branding to fuel your growth strategy and the effectivity of a gated approach in raising investment capital for your product.

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Ready to get your
product into retail
but not sure how?

This special episode uncovers the effective strategies and approaches not only to get your product on the shelves but to ensure that you can thrive over the long-term once you’re in stores.

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Building a Strong
Better-For-You F&B Brand is No Easy Task

From brand strategy to understanding your margins to leveraging direct-to-consumer, a strong brand requires constant attention and evolution. This episode covers that and more, almost like a crash course in building a truly thriving better-for-you food and beverage brand.


Brand Love and
Product Hype

It’s not a coincidence the Midday Squares sold millions of their functional chocolate bar. It’s a result of understanding how you create brand love with your customers, drive hype so they try it, and constantly tell a story with your business.

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Understand why customers buy products like yours
6 Better-For-You
Food and Beverage
CPG Consumer Insights

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