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Brand Development for Better-For-You Food & Beverage
CPG Companies

95% of Purchasing
Decisions are Driven by Emotions.

We develop brand strategies, communications plans, and designs that help you appeal more to your audiences to drive product trial and boost sales.

Build a website that drives traffic and converts in 6 ways for FREE.

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Stop focusing only on product attributes to gain better results.
Your good product needs to have a powerful brand behind it and a packaging design guided by the 7-second rule to thrive in the market and stand out on the shelves.

Marketing based solely on attributes is proven to generate lackluster results as it completely misses the subconscious.

Your customers won’t admit it, but they buy because of emotions, then justify it logically after the fact.
Appeal to Emotions, Differentiate your Product with our Brand Methodology.
Our standardized brand methodology is designed to find the emotional pathway for your brand by generating an informed strategy, a customer- focused narrative, and a design that captures attention and attracts sales.

It’s leveraging the power of brand to give you an edge as you scale into retail and boost your direct-to-consumer efforts.
Brand Development Process

Brand Discovery

A 4-step diagnostic process to
understand your customers
and discover your challenges,
opportunities, and market gap.

Brand Strategy

Our Brand Development
Quadrants Framework guides the creation of your most compelling
value proposition and unique selling point with a comprehensive
brand strategy.

Creative Direction & Design Execution

Development of brand identity,
packaging, design style, and system that is aimed at making your product stand out of the shelves.




What We Can Do For You
Brand Development for Plant-Based, Vegan, Organic, Functional, and other Better-For-You Food & Beverage CPG Products
Packaging Design
Design & Development
Content Marketing
Social Media
Our Sample Works
Brand: Pen-Nut Spread   

This nut butter wanted to jazz up an old classic - peanut butter. Their ask? Revitalize this retro spread with a hipper vibe, healthier ingredients and iconic design.


We created the brand logo and packaging design for this better-for-you peanut spread that highlights how its uses Olive Oil, Himalayan Salt, and less sugar to be different than its competitors while bringing out the good vibes that comes with this staple spread!

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Success Tips and Brand Development Insights from the Industry
Our founder & CEO, Leonard Grape, goes deep on the strategies, tactics, and mindsets that led to the successes of better-for-you food and beverage CPG brands such as Pricklee, Midday Squares, Brave Good Kind, GrownAs Foods, Hillside Harvest, The Farmer Foodie, and more.
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Want to become preferred by your customers?
Reinforce your Product with an Emotionally Charged Brand

Featured Articles

Thought Leadership for Better-For-You Food & Beverage Brands​
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